BerryGen: Staying Beautiful the natural way

"Enriched with a host of nutrients, NatureCare BerryGen naturally renews and rejuvanates, boosting both my confidence and radiance,"

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RM10.00 utk 1 sachet (pos percuma)

The secret to stay young!

Collagen + Premium berries + Apple Stem Cell + Gluta White
Proprietary combination of ingredients to promote beauty through good health - an even more powerful formulation. 

98% Absorption Rate
Super fine molecular structure ensures virtually all the required is absorbed into the blood stream.

17 Types of Amino Acids
Apart from natural health benefits, also contains 10% hydroxyproline to promote firmness and elasticity.

Safe and All-natural

Free from chemical additives, preservatives, colouring, flavouring, fat and cholesterol!

* Apple Steam Cell
Rejuvenates skin stem cells.

*Gluta White
A "master anti-oxidant"that inhibits melanin production to lighten skin.

*Premium Berries
Rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanins to help fight free radicals and protect against skin aging.

*Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Increase collagen level to reduce the visibile signs of aging. 98% absorption rate for visible results in less time.

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